Sunday, October 24, 2010

Annual Fair Outing

On my last day of break, we decided to take the girls on our annual Arizona State Fair outing. We got there around 10am and headed right to the caricature booth. We didn't get it done last year because the girls were hot and tired by the time we got there. We did it this year, though. Then, we looked at animals and went through the kids' barn. Ryann got to ride the carousel. Avery probably would have liked it better than Ryann but she sat this one out. Ryann was excited but then wanted off. She got used to it and said she had fun by the time it was over. At least she didn't scream when it was over this time.
After that, we ate junk food and headed home. It was a brief trip, but it was long enough to accomplish our goals without major incident. We left around 1pm. Both girls fell asleep on the way home. I was hoping we could all enjoy a nap when we got home. However, the girls were recharged and ready to rock when we got home. Ugh! So much for a restful last day of break. I'm headed back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Break Wrap Up

I have only one day left of my fall break. This week has been really nice. I've done a lot of catching up on school work but more importantly, I've spend lots of time with the girls. The weather has cooled down this week. It's been in the 70s and 80s and we even had some clouds and rain. We've spent lots of time outside in the sand and on the swings. This is definitely the best time to be in AZ. Winter's pretty nice, too. I'm looking forward to even cooler temperatures. I want to wear long pants and long sleeves again. :0)

Besides playing outside, Ryann and I have been preparing for Halloween. She gets really excited about holidays. She loves to decorate the house and bake special treats. We even tried on costumes. Avery doesn't really know what's going on but she's more than willing to get in on the action. She tends to be less than helpful most of the time. Here are some pictures of Ryann and her pumpkin cookies yesterday. She helped mix, roll and cut the cookies. After that, she was mostly interested in taste-testing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time to Take a Breath

Fall break has finally arrived. We have the next two weeks off from school. My mom is here for a visit. She watched them a few days last week while I had long days. She'll watch them Monday, too. I'll be teaching intersession for the first four days but will have at least a week to spend with the girls. I feel a lot more relaxed this weekend, even though I still have to teach this week. I finished assessments, report cards, and parent conferences. Now, I can breathe a little as I prepare for the next quarter. Next quarter, I have a couple of formal lessons to videotape, writing to do, and I'll begin coaching cheerleading in November in addition to all of my usual responsibilities. I have lots to do so I need to get ahead during break if I can.

Most importantly, I need to spend more time with the girls during break. We get so busy during each quarter that I miss them a lot. This weekend, I've been spending lots of playtime with them. Avery has beaten me up pretty well. She's a little rough with her love. I often get head-butted from vigorous hugs or pinched or poked from playing games. I do enjoy having the little monkeys tackle me on the carpet. They are super giggly and fun right now. Avery is walking very well now and is into trouble all the time. Ryann is becoming a good helper. She has really matured in the past couple of months. Here is a video of our Avi-bug walking and a couple of pictures of our girls.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Weekend Get-Away

Scott and I had a rare opportunity last weekend. We drove to LA to see the Cougs play at UCLA. The best part is,...we went alone. One of my most wonderful friends, Annie, offered to stay at our house with the girls for the weekend so Scott and I could get away together. It was great to have some grown-up time without kids or responsibilities. We went to the Rose Bowl for the game. It was a good game, even though the Cougs ended up losing. In keeping with our Cougs game tradition, they gave up 40 points or more and lost, as they have every game we've attended together.
After the game, we stayed in Glendale, CA. We went to dinner, a movie, and ice cream. We had a great time but we were definitely tired after such a long day of fun. We got back Sunday around noon. Annie claims that the girls were very good. kids? I'm glad. They had fun and so did we. It's nice for Scott and I to have time as a couple once in a while. Thanks, Annie!