Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break!

It's here! My two-week break has begun. What have I done with the first few days? ....work , of course. I went to school Monday and Tuesday to get caught up and ahead for third quarter. It'll be a busy third quarter for me so I need to be prepared. I'll be tutoring after school 2 days a week and coaching softball starting in February. I've been helping with cheerleading during this winter sports season but that has only been once or twice a week. I've caught the bug again, though. I've really missed coaching. I'm not thrilled to be away from my kids more but the seasons are short and it's extra money. I'll let you know how it goes. :0)
As for the rest of break, I'm enjoying my babies and getting ready for company to come for Christmas. I'm happy to have some r & r to get recharged for the second half of the school year. I love to have the time to play with my silly girls. Aren't they adorable?! I think so, but I may be a little bias. :0)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Uncle Keelan

Scott's brother Keelan came to visit us last week. It was great because he finally got to meet Avery and spend some time with Ryann. He stayed with us for a while last spring so Ryann got quite attached. She was very excited for him to come visit. Once he was here, she was a bit distracted by his friend, Kirsten. Ryann was super excited to have people to play with. They were here for 8 days but part of it was spent in Tucson. Keelan ran a marathon! I think he's nuts but we're proud of him anyway. :0) It was really great to see Kee and meet Kirsten. We love to have family visit.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Field Trip Time Again

Once again, we took 100 Third Graders to the Goodyear Baseball Park to learn from the experts. Our kids grow grass in cups so we wanted to let them see how it's really done.

We walked from our school across Estrella Parkway to the Ballpark. We had a police escort that kept us safe. I'm not talking a single cop. We had 2 motorcycle police and several traffic cops escort us all the way from our school basketball courts to the front gates and back. We felt pretty important. Of course, we did cause panic to several parents who wondered if there was some crisis at the school. Safety First!
We had the kids rotate through 4 stations in which Scott and his guys taught them different things about growing grass, mowing, field care and a tour of a locker room and batting cages. The kids and the parents who went thought it was awesome. The ballpark guys did a great job.

Here are a couple photos of Scott, the science teacher.