Thursday, October 23, 2008


...Baby Dobbins 2! This is the first picture of Ryann's little sibling. He or she will be joining us in May, just in time for Ryann's birthday. What a gift! At least we hope she'll be happy about it. We're thrilled. Our little family is growing. It's very exciting. Baby D2 is 11 weeks, 5 days old in this picture. We'll be able to tell if it's a he or she in December. We have to get the big sissy prepared for whichever is coming. We'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to Work

I went back to work today after the 2 week break. It was rough giving up my baby this morning. I handed her over at daycare and immediately wished I could have her back to hug a little more. We spent a lot of time together over break. I had a little withdrawal today.

As for work, it was just like I never left. I really like my job and I love my friends at work. It's just so easy to stay home. :0)
Tonight, I need to get after some school work that I neglected over break.
(41 School days until Winter Break...but who's counting?)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

State Fair...Wow!

Last night, Scott and I took Ryann on our annual trip to the AZ State Fair. We started going the first year we were married because I wanted to see what a fair was like in AZ. That first year, we got a caricature done. The next year, we went again and had another drawing done. It sort of became a tradition. Last year, we had Ryann drawn, rather than us again. Those drawings are the primary artwork in our bedroom. So, this year, we headed there again.

We went Friday night rather than our usual Saturday morning in an effort to get $5 admission. However, we had to pay $12 to park so it was a wash. At any rate, we set out to do all the usual things, eat junk, see animals, watch carnies, etc. We took Ryann to see the animals in the agriculture areas. She talked a little turkey in the fowl area but her interest seemed to be lacking. We took her to the kiddie farm play area. She liked running through the "corn" maize but that was it.

When we left there, I discovered that she has gotten much better at walking while holding my hand. She used to jerk her hand away every time but she stayed with me enough to walk for a while. We walked to the elephant rides. She loved the elephants. She watched carefully as they walked by and reached her hand out to them. She was yelling something to them but I don't understand a lot of what she says. :0)

The highlight of the evening, aside from the funnel cake, was the figure 8 races. We went up into the grandstand with all of the die hard fans. It was actually quite entertaining. They are like demolition derby cars but they are racing in a figure 8 shape. They have to criss-cross and they crash into each other sometimes. I wasn't sure if Ryann would like the loud noise. When the races began, she wanted me to hold her but she was very interested. She even clapped and yelled a bit as she observed the people around her doing the same. It was an interesting change of pace.

We left around 9, 2 hours past her bedtime. She was good all night, but we were sure she'd sleep as soon as we got in the car. Nope. She goofed around in the car the whole way home. Then, she went right to bed. I thought she did very well for such a busy outing. Scott and I were beat, though.

The only thing lacking from our trip was the caricature. We decided to wait until next year to get another. Now our collection will have a missing year. Oh well.

Visit From Uncle Chuckie

Last week, we were lucky enough to have my brother, Chad, come for a visit. He works for AMA (American Motocross Association) and he was working a race in Las Vegas. He decided to fly in and out of Phoenix to see us. He's a pretty nice brother. :0)

He arrived Wednesday night and stayed at our house. He went to breakfast with Ryann and I on Thursday then drove to Vegas. He came back late Sunday morning and stayed until Monday. He got to spend some quality time with his niece and we had a nice Sunday dinner together. It was really great to see him. Ryann likes to have him come play with her.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Trouble With Sharing

As Ryann gets older, I have discovered a problem...sharing. It isn't as easy as I thought. I'm not talking about Ryann, either. This picture is Ryann playing with MY Pooh Bear. I have had that bear since before I was born, if that's possible. He has lived with me my whole life, sometimes in more inconspicuous places. When I was in college, he rode to Cortland every fall and from Cortland every spring in the front seat of my car. I know how odd that is, but it's true.
Since we've been married, Pooh has been in our bedroom in the armoire. When we moved, he was placed in the top of a box, which Ryann spotted soon after we arrived in the new house. She has been very helpful with the unpacking. :0) So, while I think it's cute that she likes the bear that I have loved for 35 years, I cringe when I see her dragging him by one ear or bashing him on the floor. I guess as she grows up, I will learn to share. I guess it's just a growing pain.

Fall Break

One of the most wonderful things about my job is the time off. Everyone comments about how lucky teachers are to get so much time off. Well, I agree. It's an incredible blessing to be able to spend 2 weeks with my little girl after ever quarter and 7 weeks in the summer. Of course, during the teaching weeks, I see her for about 2 hours a day. That part stinks. Last week, we had report cards and parent/teacher conferences. On Thursday, I was at school from 7am to 8:15pm. Ugh! I missed that whole day of Ryann's life.

Since then, we've been making up for lost time. I took her to the park, right behind our house, on Sunday. The weather was awesome! It's finally cooling down a bit. Ryann is funny about the outdoors. She loves to be outside but isn't sure what to do once she's there. We walked down the sidewalk to the park and I set up a blanket under a tree and had her soccer ball ready. She stood on the edge of the grass staring at me as if she couldn't get to me. After a few paces back and forth, she tested the grass with one toe and was on her way.

It was a beautiful day but our 16 month old attention span lasted about 20 minutes. Then it was time to get moving again.

I have a whole list of things I want to accomplish at the house and for school over the next week or so but I haven't done much yet. We've all had colds and been somewhat lazy. I'm just spending time with Ryann and catching naps when she does. Maybe that's what break is really for anyway.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Do

These are pictures of my first attempt at the double pigtails. I thought she looked adorable but they didn't survive her nap. She was patient enough to let me do them in the morning but the after-nap re-do wasn't as successful. She certainly is patient with me most of the time. I might find myself annoyed to be a guinea pig at 6 am. Apparently she isn't that annoyed. Maybe it's because she knows how adorable she looks in pigtails. :0)