Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Showers...

In this case, we're talking baby showers. On the 14th, we had my baby shower for work. We went to eat and play games at Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn't a traditional baby shower venue but we decided to be different. It was fun. I got some outfits, bibs, pacifiers, and lots of diapers.
Yesterday, my friends put on a baby shower for me at my house. We combined our monthly Bunco game with my shower. We had lots of yummy treats, opened gifts, made fun of my hugeness and played a little Bunco. I got more cute outfits for baby and lots more diapers. We're set until she weighs 14 pounds. Of course, the way I feel, that could be her birth weight. Ryann even got a couple of gifts including an outfit to coordinate with baby sissy's and a stuffed animal monkey. She's very fond of monkeys lately. So, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me celebrate and prepare for baby, especially Sara, Annie, Chris, Siler, Kristen, Marci, and Nicole. Thanks!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Humoring Me

Today at work, we had a field trip. The kids were super excited. We took them less than a mile away to our very own Goodyear Ballpark. Yes, the same one that my loving husband works at. He was kind enough to humor my request to bring 100 third graders to see how grass grows. Sound exciting? Well, to an 8 or 9 year old, everything is exciting when you get to leave school for a while. The kids had fun and Scott and his guys did a great job of trying to teach & entertain them. Here are a couple of pictures of Scott, the third grade science teacher.

How Big Can a Girl Get?

As I come to the end of this pregnancy adventure, I decided to capture the essence of my hugeness. I had Scott take my picture so everyone can see and I'll always remember why we are having only 2 kids. You are looking at 61 extra pounds! The weather has been very kind up until today so my ankles have faired better this time than with Ryann. I have decided that my skin can stretch no more. Neither can my clothes. It's time. I look forward to May 2, just 1 week from this Saturday. We'll have a new baby girl to love and I'll be able to see my feet again. How exciting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a nice Easter this year with Ryann. Scott had to work, as he does every Sunday, so we decided to go to him. We attended a church service at the ballpark. It wasn't the church we normally would attend but the opportunity was too tempting to pass up. I got Ryann all dressed up and tried to squeeze myself into some decent clothes. I think she looks like such a little lady. She was really good at the service. She clapped and sang and even shushed the people around us. It was cute.
She's saying "cheese," in the picture.
She really enjoyed the new shoes. I find this video to be quite hilarious.

Here's a picture from the service.

After the service, Ryann and I did a little grocery shopping and headed home for her nap. Once Scott got home, we had a nice dinner together and relaxed. Overall, it was a pretty nice day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Good, Some Bad

The good news is that we have 3 weeks left before our c-section. Things are going well with the pregnancy and we're heading down the home stretch. Three weeks from tomorrow, we'll have another baby. I certainly am ready for that to happen. I'm seeing my doctor weekly now. Everything's on target.
The bad news is that there are 3 weeks left to gain weight. I've gained 58 pounds with this one so far. Yikes! Weight Watchers, here I come.

Another piece of good news is that Ryann is almost 2. She'll be 2 on May 16 and she's more fun every day. She's talking more and more and we play games together. She's so cute and loving sometimes. She just melts my heart. She seems to love babies so that might be good for her little sissy.
The bad news is that she's almost 2. Her terrible twos began months ago and are getting more terrible by the day. She loves to say "no" to us all the time. She giggles and runs whenever she's in trouble. Today, I chased her all the way out into the park behind our house. She has no concept of danger and doesn't listen unless she feels like it. Ugh.

The good news at work is that I love my job and am looking forward to going back after I spend a few months at home with my babies. I'm busy getting everything ready for maternity leave and I feel pretty good about the arrangements I've made. My student teacher is planning to take over. I think it'll be great for the kids.
The bad news at work is that I love my job and want to go back next year. My district is making tons of cuts. They've started notifying people of layoffs for next year already. One of my teammates is laid off and we're all sick about it. She's an awesome teacher and great person in general. They say more layoffs could happen next week. Everyone is on edge. Morale is plummeting. I think I'm safe but no one really knows. Times are tough. I hope the state finds a way to fix this. Even if I keep my job, things might get miserable next year with huge classes and no resources. The whole situation justs sucks if you ask me.