Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One and Three Year Old Pictures

These are our May 2010 photos from JC Penney. They were taken to commemorate Ryann's third birthday and Avery's first birthday. Ryann was very cooperative, and Avery...not so much.

Today, I took the girls for their check-ups at the doctor. Ryann is 32 lbs (50th percentile) and 36 1/2 inches (75th percentile). She told the doctor her full name, what color her eyes are, and how Sissy chases her. Dr. Ring said she could see Ryann's a talker and quite advanced. I was proud.
Avery is 17 lbs 13 oz. (5th percentile) and 28 3/4 inches (40th percentile). The doctor is concerned with her weight and thinks it has to do with her acid reflux. So, at 1 year, Avery is starting Zantac so we can keep food in her. She's always spit up a lot but now that it's real milk and food, it's nasty. I have to take her back in a month to see if she's gaining weight. Everything else seems to be just fine. She's not as far along as Ryann was at this age but she's healthy, happy, and content. Good enough for me.
We think both girls are perfect. They're tons of fun every day. Time goes by so fast. They're getting so grown up!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Girl

It was a busy weekend in our household. Our little princess turned 3 years old today. That meant that I started preparations early last week but things got crazy this weekend. Friday night, I had to start cutting out flowers for her cake. Saturday, we took Ryann for her first haircut. Daddy needed one too, so we went as a family. She had never even had a trim before. She was really good and did everything the lady asked her to do. She thought she was a big deal because she and Daddy got haircuts together. Luckily, they didn't get the same haircut. :0)

After the haircut, I started baking. I had to bake the 4 cakes needed to make her princess castle cake. While I baked, Scott worked on her "surprise." He's been building it for a month but she referred to it as a "surprise," as if she couldn't tell what it was . After that, we all went to church. On the way home, we did some last minute party shopping at Walmart. Then it was dinner and bedtime for everyone but me. I had an hour or so of work to do on the cake, etc. Today, I spent most of the day decorating the castle cake and preparing for the party. Scott finished the "surprise" and Ryann got to test it out officially. She loves it.
The party was at the Goodyear Community Park splash pad. It was in the 90s today so it was a good day for splashing in the water. It was chaotic but fun. The party had a princess theme, of course. Ryann and I even wore princess tattoos. We had lots of friends come. Ryann was very excited to have a party with her little friends. Unfortunately, she refused to talk for the first 30 minutes or so. She eventually opened up and had fun. By the time we got home, gave the girls baths and played with the new toys, we were all wiped out. Thank goodness we have a year before we do the birthday thing again. It's fun but we're tired! Until next year...Ryann is "free yizode" and she can show you on her fingers to prove it. :0)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just One Year

About a week before Avery's birthday, I was giving the girls a bath and noticed the tag on the washcloth. The brand was "Just One Year." I got all teary and mushy thinking about my baby not being a baby anymore. It goes so fast.
Our little Avery turned 1 on Sunday. We had quite a barnyard shindig for her. There were farm animals and balloons everywhere. We had 11 kids and 13 adults. Here is a picture of the cake I made her along with the party favors.

When it came time for cake, she was all about it. As soon as she tasted that sweet frosting, she was hooked. She ate her whole cupcake and another mini one later. When Ryann turned 1, she ate the frosting off but never ate the cake. Avery actually finished hers off by smushing the plate against her face. That's my girl. :0)

The girls spent the evening playing with Avery's new "Little People." They love those. (Notice the matching t-shirts. I'm just that cheesy.)

I'm sad that her first year has already passed but she's more and more fun every day. She still doesn't walk but she has replaced her commando crawl for a real crawl and pulls herself up well. She's content for now. She used to say "Momma" but now will only say, "Daddy." She's taking it one word at a time. I'll be taking both girls to the doctor for check-ups on the 18th. I'll update you on the stats then.