Monday, February 23, 2009

A Family Affair

Friday night, we were invited to check out the new ballpark that consumes most of my husband's time. It was fun. They had games and things set up for the kids around the park. We were able to see the whole stadium, including locker rooms, suites, etc. The City of Goodyear gave us food vouchers and everything. Scott was off-duty so we got to spend some time with him. That's quite a treat lately.'s a sneak peak at the new Goodyear Ballpark, spring training home of the Cleveland Indians. :0)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring has Sprung

It's official. Spring is here. I can tell because my husband is working constantly. The Indians have begun their Spring Training practices and Scott worked 7 days last week. He'll be working at least 6 days every week until it's over, not to mention the longer hours each day. Until then, Ryann and I will have to settle for seeing him briefly at night and hopefully on Saturdays, unless there's a game. We also plan to go to some games and see Daddy in action at the new ball park. I'll post some pictures once we get to a game.

Scott and I did take time out to go to a movie together for our Valentine's Day date. Keelan watched Ryann for us. :0) We saw "He's Just Not That into You." It was definitely a chick flick. Scott would have preferred something else but at least we got to spend some grown-up time together. That may have been it until Spring Training ends. After that, we'll be preparing for a new arrival! I can't believe how close it's getting. She should be born the first weekend in May. Judging by how wiggly she is, she's ready to get out and get moving already. She'll just have to wait a couple of months.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

We decided to have a family outing before the craziness of Spring Training begins. We took Ryann for her first trip to the Wildlife World Zoo. It's not far from us so we thought we'd check it out. The weather was perfect, a little overcast and in the high 70s.

We had hoped Ryann would really enjoy it but it was hard to tell. She leaned forward and said a few things on occasion but she seemed to be along for the ride for the most part. Maybe she's still not quite big enough for that kind of thing.
Scott and I thought it was fun. I did get sort of tired, carrying my big belly around. We were able to snap a few pics of the critters, and of us.