Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Color

In New York, we always looked forward to the beautiful fall colors. We don't have that in the Phoenix area, but we do have some spring color. :0)

Swim Season

It's official. Summer has arrived early in Phoenix. The pool was up to 79 degrees this week. Scott swam. Ryann and Avery splashed around on the shelf. Ashtyn and I opted for some poolside relaxation. We're holding out for 85.

Life with Three Kids

Wow! Things are so chaotic with 3 kids. Ashtyn is a typical newborn, needy and depriving me of sleep. The other two are maniacs. They are either fighting or into mischief together. I really enjoy having either Avery or Ryann at home without the other. Preschool is quite a blessing.

Things have been even more interesting lately. Avery has strep throat. I tried to keep her and her cough away from the baby. The results of my efforts are Avery's hurt feelings and Ashtyn's new case of RSV. That's scary because infants sometimes need to be hospitalized with RSV because they can't breathe. I sleep even less now. I'm nervous about her breathing. I have to suction her nose frequently to help her breathe. Ugh! Stressful!

I can't wait for everyone to be healthy again.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo Card

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