Saturday, August 20, 2011

Preschool Has Begun!

Ryann started preschool this past week. She's going to a local church preschool two days each week. She's been begging to go for months. I took her to visit in May and she hasn't stopped talking about it ever since. Monday night, we had her backpack packed, clothes picked out, and lunch bag ready. Tuesday morning, she was excited and ready to go. We dropped Avery off at daycare and headed to preschool. We were shown to her classroom, walked in the door, and the water works began. She hid her face in my legs and cried. After a few minutes of coaxing, they were able to divert her attention with some princess toys. Imagine that. I tried to take her picture but the camera battery was dead. She seemed fine after a few minutes so I left.
Scott and I both went to pick her up that afternoon. She was VERY grumpy. The teacher had already left and the aides said they thought she had a good day. She wouldn't tell us much due to a severe case of the grouchies. I had replaced the camera battery so we did get a post preschool day grumpy picture.

On Thursday, she was happy to go to her class in the morning. She wasn't thrilled when they asked her to wait in another room for a while. I waited with her a few minutes until her room opened. I left work a little early that day so I could meet the teacher. I introduced mysef and asked how it went. She said it was good except for a little "prima donna issue." I can't say that I was surprised to hear that. Apparently, Ryann and another girl are trying to establish a pecking order, especially regarding princess toys. I told the teacher that this was excatly why she was there. :0) We try to talk to her about being a good friend and sharing, etc., but I think it'll take more formal experiences to get her to understand.
We're looking forward to a smooth week 2 this week.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Hobbies

This summer, my friend, Annie, and I decided to pick up some new hobbies. We started out with knitting. That was fun, but somewhat complicated. I can make an awesome rectangle, but that's about it. Then we decided to try sewing. We were able to make some pretty cute tote bags in our first class. Friday night, we took another class and made pillowcase dresses for the girls. Avery's is a little big, but that was as small as the pattern made. Annie made one and I made one. The next morning, I made handbags with the extra material. It may not seem like much, but I'm proud of our work. :0)