Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Well, I made it to Spring Break. It was quite a hectic week leading up to it. We had visitors in town. Scott is working Spring Training every day. I had report cards and a ton of work to do. By the time break started, I was pretty tired. My mom was in town to watch the girls for us. We took her last day, Monday, to go to the Phoenix Zoo. The girls got to see Koala bears, among other things. It was fun except for Ryann's refusal to ride the merry-go-round. She asked about it all day but when we got in there, she had a fit and asked to go home. Ugh! Mom got them koala shirts to commemorate the day.
The first week of break is gone now. Scott and I both worked Tuesday through Thursday. We played hookie Friday morning to take Scott to a birthday breakfast before he went to work. Having his birthday during Spring Training puts a damper on the festivities, especially on a day with a night game. We'll have dinner on Sunday to celebrate.

Ryann had her first friend sleep over Friday night. There was no sleeping until after 11pm. Ryann is a bit of a menace at bedtime. She likes to run up and down the hallway frequently. I have to gate her in or make her sleep in her top bunk without the ladder. It may seem extreme but she stays in one place and doesn't seem to mind. Last night, she also found it fun to torment her friend by covering her friend's head or taking her stuffed animal. I banished her to the top bunk at 11 so I could sleep. It was smooth sailing from there.

Avery has reached a milestone this week. She is now in a toddler bed. Last week, she was in her crib for a time out and ended up on the floor. I decided it was time. She's done well so far. She still sits in it and calls for me in the morning. I kind of like that, but I'm sure it won't last long.

Scott and I will be working all next week. Then, school opens back up on the 28th. Our state tests are 2 weeks after that so there's lots to do. I'll be looking forward to June 7th, our last day of school for the year. :0)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time to Swim!

After more than 2 years in our house, we finally put the swimming pool in the backyard. No more looking out and seeing nothing but dirt out back. There's still plenty of dirt, but now there's a pool in the middle. Our next adventure will be landscaping the rest of the yard.
Here are a few pictures of construction.
 The finished product.
Keelan was the first brave soul to test the waters. 68 degrees is way too cold for me, or "a bit brisk," as Keelan said. I'm thinking I'll get in by May. :0)