Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soccer Part 2

Our second week of soccer was delayed by a week due to rain. That's right...rain...water from the sky. It was crazy. We had several days of rain. Ryann explained to me that it was water from the clouds in the sky. It was quite a novel idea for her. At any rate, the soccer field was too wet so we waited a week. Here is a picture of Ryann and "Coach George." I added a video of her setting up a cone with her foot. It's suppose to teach them to roll the ball back with their feet. She's actually not bad at it but I couldn't get a good one on camera.

Her favorite part of soccer so far has been playing on the playground afterward. Actually, she says she likes soccer. She seems to look forward to going, but she's 2 and has the attention span of an ant. We'll call it good enough for now. I'm having fun! :0)

Monday, January 18, 2010


Ryann started soccer on Saturday morning. The whole family went. Scott watched Avery while I helped Ryann. It was really cute to see all the little kids. Her group is from 31 months -4 years. She's 32 months so I was worried that she'd be the smallest one, but there were several kids that looked to be her age. I was also afraid that she'd either cling to me the whole time or have a tantrum. There were tantrums all around but, fortunately, only a couple were hers. One little boy screamed for about 30 of the 45 minutes. Ryann did really well at first. They ran and kicked their balls, kicked cones over and set them up, kicked theirs balls in the "monkey house" (goal) and did silly dances. She listened to her coach and tried most things. However, after 20 minutes, her attention span was shot. All she could think about was going to "play ot the park." There was a playground directly adjacent to the field...too much temptation for her. We struggled through the last few activities and she got to go to the playground for a while. I asked her if she liked soccer and she said yes so I guess we'll try again next week. The only thing she could remember to talk about later was playing with her "lellow hula poop." We used a yellow hula hoop for one of the activities. I hope she doesn't tell that to too many people. :0)
I'll try to post photos next week. The battery died while we were there.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Holidays

We certainly had happy holidays this year. We had lots of family and fun between Christmas and New Year's. My dad and step-mom came on Christmas Eve. Then Scott's dad came on Christmas day. They all stayed for a week and had lots of time to play with the grand-daughters.

The girls had a nice Christmas. We tried not to get them too many gifts but somehow, the house is full of new stuff. Ryann especially loves Avery's new toys. It won't be long before Avery is mobile and into Ryann's stuff so I figure, it'll even out.
We took a trip up to Sedona for the day on Monday. It was cold and had some snow on the ground. It's a beautiful place, definitely worth seeing. On Tuesday, Scott and his dad went for a hike in the White Tank Mountains. I took the kids, Dad and Darlene to work in my classroom. That was exciting. :0)
Other than that, we stayed home mostly. While at home we played lots of Dominoes and ate tons of food. Ryann and Avery loved the attention they got all week. It'll be a rude awakening for them now that we're getting back to normal. My dad & Darlene left yesterday and Scott's dad left today. That leaves the four of us again, back to life as usual.