Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Weekend

This picture is actually from a couple of weeks ago, but now I have time to post it. I find my girls' sense of style AWESOME! Yes, Avery is wearing a tutu body suit over footie jammies.
I have 3 days off this weekend due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It's amazing the difference a day can make. My brother was in town working the Supercross, although we didn't get to see him much. We just hung around Friday night after I got home from cheerleading practice. Saturday, I took Ryann to soccer. It was the first session of the season. I was very glad that her attention span has improved since last year. Her coach remembered her and even used her for one of the demonstrations. I was proud. :0) We went home and got Avery and walked to our neighborhood park. It was so nice out that we hit another park before walking home for nap time. I was actually the only one that wanted a nap. That evening, we went to church as usual, then had a relaxing night at home. (That means Scott watched TV and read as I worked on school stuff.) Today, Avery and I did the weekly grocery run. After that, the girls and I played outside for a while. Scott cooked us a delicious lunch while I got the girls bathed and in their rooms for naps. The only other excitement today is laundry. The best thing is that I haven't had to finish my school stuff because I still have a day left! I love days off from school.