Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy but joyful day so far. Scott and I were really excited for today. We both kept waking up, thinking it was time to get up. At 6:30, I finally went and woke up the girls.

We got all the Christmas lights on and started opening. Ryann was a champ at opening this year. She tore things open well. Avery preferred to enjoy things once they were opened for her. Both girls loved their gifts. Avery got some fun Elmo things. Ryann got lots of Princess stuff, including a castle for her dolls and a castle tent to play in. Avery's favorite things of the morning were a new baby doll and the constant flow of Skittles. She kept wanting"mo." Ryann was very busy protecting her princess stuff from the little sister. They got coloring books and crayons, so we did some coloring. The girls also got some Legos. They built some stuff with Daddy before brunch.

Around 11, we headed over to our friends' house for brunch. They put on a big spread. It was fun, but we were anxious to get home and lounge around. Avery had stinky pants and needed a nap so we were home by 1. Now, we're watching the new Tinkerbell movie and eating snacks. Ahhh....the perfect afternoon.

This has been a really exciting Christmas. I have always loved Christmas, but it takes on a whole new dimension seeing it through my girls' eyes. I had so much fun getting ready. We even left cookies for Santa last night. Ryann has never gone to sleep as fast as she did last night. We talked about Santa knowing if she was awake. I tucked her in, she closed her eyes, and she didn't even open them to give me my goodnight hugs and kisses. I didn't hear a peep after I left her room. Avery didn't really understand what was going on, but she was super wound up anyway. Today was very exciting for us all. It was so much fun seeing how happy the girls were. Each Christmas has been more and more fun since we became parents. They say that Christmas is for children, but it's pretty awesome for parents, too. :0)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We had a relaxed Christmas Eve. We got the girls dressed up and went to church. When we got home, we ate dinner and watched Christmas movies until bedtime. We were all very excited for Santa to come!

My Audience

Avery has found the perfect spot to keep track of me while I do my kitchen work. She opens the pantry, pulls out the stool, gets her snacks set up, and enjoys watching Mommy. She also likes to look beautiful with beads on.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time to Breathe

Our happy girls
Here I am! I'm on Winter Break. I've been trying to catch up on all the things that I've neglected since the last break. I've been going to appointments, baking cookies, and doing housework. Finally, I have a few minutes to blog. I've been blogging mentally since Thanksgiving but haven't had time to sit at the computer and get it out there. I guess I'll
try to catch up on this too. :0) 
To begin our Christmas season, we went to the ballpark for the holiday event. The girls got to play in snow for the first time and met Santa! We had to wait in line for our turn in the snow. When we got in there, Ryann slipped, screamed, and cried about 4 times. Avery seemed to be trying to figure it out. By the end of our few minutes in the snow, they both seemed to enjoy it.
After that, we waited in line for about 45 minutes to meet the big guy. When we finally got there, Ryann went mute and wouldn't get near him. Avery sat on his lap, took one look, and started screaming. It was loads of fun.

One of our favorite things to do at each holiday is make cookies. Ryann and I bake them together. She loves to mix dough, roll it out, and cut cookie shapes. Her favorite part, though is tasting them. Avery likes to get into anything she can reach during these projects. We often end up with finger prints in the frosting. She also takes them and runs when she gets a chance. Baking is quite an adventure in our house. I've been making Christmas cookies "alone" the past few days for productivity and quality control. :0) By alone, I mean as I step over Ryann and her princess toys and drag Avery around attached to my leg. Ahhh...quality time with the kids.

Not the prettiest, but beautiful to us
Looks like trouble

Yum! Cookies!

Scott and I are super excited for Christmas this year. We think the girls will love it. It's so much fun to see their excitement. I hope to post a video after Christmas morning.