Friday, September 27, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Finally Arrived

Six  months ago, the dentist told Ryann that she needed to try to wiggle her teeth because the x-rays showed adult teeth coming underneath them. We tried, but the teeth weren't the slightest bit loose. Last weekend, we discovered this situation in Ryann's mouth. Ryann promptly wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, just to warn her that she might be needed soon. She left it under her pillow, and the tooth fairy came and got it!
After multiple calls to try to find an appointment that I could get her to with my work schedule, she is now down 4 teeth.
 It was a fairly quick process, but took some work. Those teeth had no intention of coming out. Apparently the roots dissolve when it's time for them to come out. These all have complete roots.

Ryann now has 4 gaping holes in her gums. She also has 4 shiny gold dollar coins. The tooth fairy came to our house for the first time. She left Ryann a note, complete with fairy dust, along with her coins. It was quite a big event.
It was superhero day at school. She was a real super hero herself. She was very cooperative, and didn't whine at all. Overall, it hasn't phased her a bit.

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